A solution for Motor vehicles' pollution

A Solution for Vehicles' Pollution

Solution for Pollution
Now a days the pollution problem in the cities is increasing very badly. The increase in pollution is mainly due to the vehicles plying on the Roads. The pollution is causing the serious health problems to the mankind and it is our moral responsibility to overcome from this ever increasing situation.

The vehicles (both light and heavy) those are morethan 15 years old are making more pollution through their improper silencers and by way of mixing some cheap oils or lubricants for extra mileage and excessive pickup. No matter however hard our Government Authorities are trying their level best to bring the pollution levels under control, the result is not on a positive side.

Hence as a responsible citizen of India, I invented two methods of pollution control for light and heavy vehicles. Now, I am placing here these two methods for your notice and hoping to get these methods will be implemented very shortly, for the betterment of our pollution free society.


There are two methods to control the pollution of various old vehicles. The first method for heavy vehicles like bus, lorry, matador, zeep and auto etc., is Water method.

The second one for light vehicles like scooter, motorcycle, etc., is Mesh method.

I. Method of of PCD : (For heavy vehicles) :

Required Material: 1) Water, 2) Water container, 3) Coconut shell charcoal, 4) Small springs, 5) Two water pipes, 6) KMn04, 7) H2SO4, 8) Clamps and bolts.

Doing: The silencer of heavy vehicle is to be extended to it’s bottom. We have to fix a water container there. Give a gap of ½” feet from silencer pipe to container’s pipe. Fill container with water up to 25 liters. Above the water container, place an empty exide battery box which has coconut charcoal powder in thin cloth pouches within the box to its four directions and upper portion. Adjacent to these pouches, there should be another layer of KMn04 + H2SO4.

Result : All the dust particles emerging from the silencer pipe are placed in water. Then there remains CO only. This CO goes to the upper box of the device through a pipe. While CO mixing in coconut charcoal powder and joins again KMn04 + H2SO4. Then there is generated oxygen. As a result CO is converted into CO2.
. . O2 + 2CO 2CO2

Silencer Pipe Water container


II. Method of of PCD : (For light vehicles) :

equired Material : 1) Vehicle’s silencer pipe, 2) Iron mesh in four folding, 3) KMn04 +
H2SO4, 4) Coconut charcoal powder layer, 5) Bolts and clamps

Suggestion : Due to less usage of light vehicles like scooter, motorcycle, this type of
small device is enough for them.

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  • astuledano
    14 de enero 13:39

    it could be very usefull

  • moria
    08 de octubre 21:05

    If your methods work, I would say that anything that helps with polution is a good idea

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