Light saving in cities

Many cities use night lighting to make life safer . . . but after certain hours, in most places, in most cities, public lighting is just a waste of energy and money.
Solution Proposed:
Why don't cities use a movement detector, like the ones in the entrance of malls, to turn on the street lights when a pedestrian or a car approaches, so that the lights are on only when they are needed? They could be left on for a short while, say one minute, and then turned off again if no new pedestrian or car has approached.
I suppose this way many cities, if not all, could save lots of money, energy, and help curve down on the atmospheric CO2 emissions.
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5 comentarios

  • jones
    19 de agosto 06:49

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  • ursulo
    09 de octubre 18:03

    It's an excellent idea for small neighborhoods. Thank you, Best regards

  • el último xel’naga
    09 de octubre 15:58

    En castellano:
    Hola Celta_iberomex. Es una buena idea. Pero los detectores de movimiento no pueden detectar a quien quiera evitarlos. Los criminales podrían utilizar la oscuridad para delinquir. Imagina un violador, la víctima estaría indefensa.

  • el último xel’naga
    09 de octubre 15:58

    In english:
    Hello Celta_iberomex. It's a good idea. But the motion detectors can not detect who want to avoid them. Criminals could use the darkness to commit crime. Imagine a rapist, the victim was helpless.

  • pavi
    09 de octubre 08:47

    it is correct!but without the lights it would be dark isnt it????????

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