Awareness Campaign and new Channels for Breast Cancer prevention. Hairdressing saloons, Gyms, Therapist clinics, Games and the Internet

Every 3 minutes there is a breast cancer diagnosed. And not all women come for checkups and those who come sometimes come too late.

My idea is to propose alternative awareness campaign channels to inform and remind women with more frequency than today's, and to surface the importance and need to get a checkup.

The proposed channels are Hairdressing saloons, Gyms, Therapist clinics . In this places where they could be more relaxed and spending time for themselves, women could be more attentive to adverts from the professionals. This campaign could be combined with multimedia material to show early detection methods and self examination in front of the mirror

Alternative channels are multimedia like entertainment moments video-games , Internet and social networks. In this new multi-media there could be a space and a time for breast cancer check-ups reminders.

The has published the risk level of breast cancer for different age groups and I quote

" Growing older is the biggest risk for breast cancer. The longer you live, the higher your risk:
  • From birth to age 39, 1 woman in 231 will get breast cancer (<0.5% risk).
  • From ages 40–59, the chance is 1 in 25 (4% risk).
  • From ages 60–79, the chance is 1 in 15 (nearly 7%).

The risk of getting breast cancer over the course of an entire lifetime, assuming you live to age 90, is one in 7, with an overall lifetime risk of 14.3%"

And this problem is not just in the USA is all over the World, for instance The International Agency for Research on Cancer published figures for 2007 breast cancer in Europe showing that it is growing.

"Since 2004, when IARC published the last update of the cancer estimates for Europe, the cancer burden has not dwindled: the number of new cases diagnosed each year in Europe has increased by 300,000 according to new estimates published by IARC in Annals of Oncology on Wednesday 7 February, 2007.

The World Health Organization's Cancer Research Agency scientists estimate that in 2006, there were 3.2 million new cases of cancer (up from 2.9 million in 2004) and 1.7 million deaths from the disease in the whole of Europe. The 25 EU countries accounted for nearly 2.3 million of the new cases and over one million cancer deaths ."

For all this reasons we should ask the Health Authorities and Institutionas as well as the society in general to think pout of the box and try new routes for the breast cancer prevention campaigns and its distribution channels


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