dual purpose laptop

I was thinking of a laptop, very small and lightweight, around the size of 20x16 cm, with two screens inside. They could be touchscreens. At least one. In the bottom one, you can display the keyboard to use it whenever is required. In the bottom keyboard you can display a keyboard with the touchpad, and program it to behave eaxctly as a standard keyboard. Or even better, to remove the touchpad and make the top screen touchscreen, so then you don't need anymore the touchpad or mouse.

The other use, would be to turn the laptop and place the screens on the left and right. So that you can display two pages of a book. As they are touchscreens, you can go to the next page just by sliding your finger at the bottom of the screen.

You can take this multipurpose laptop with you as an e-Book, or as a laptop, with WiFi and Linux installed. It could have a webcam integrated and Bluetooth. The main difference is the double touchscreen that make it foldable and turnable.
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4 comentarios

  • miguelmartinez
    11 de junio 14:36

    Perfect usability case study, congrats!! ;)

  • smithdelabarca
    12 de diciembre 12:25

    Although there might be stuff of this kind out there, like pankajupadhyay05 suggests, it sounds like a great idea! Vote +!

  • pankajupadhyay05
    19 de marzo 14:13

    I guess toshiba already produces this kind of stuff....its toshiba liberto i guess....check their website you will find this laptop

  • kerlonta
    24 de junio 10:27

    i like it. a good evolution for the current netbook (going to a kind of mix with tablet pc)

    the only problem is that 2 medium-size touchscreen can be expensive.

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