Short stories on your mobile/cellular phones via text/sms/voice choices

Wouldn't it be great that while at public transportation, in the doctors clinic waiting rooms etc we could access to good short stories via text or voice on demand.
We could also vote them as in and we could screen for the better ones or the most popular ones very quickly.
Researching in the Internet I found In Japan that they have a similar new phenomena, mobile users are writing not reading  novels and young novel writers on their mobile phones. Half of the best selling books in 2007 according to tech-crunch were written on mobile phones
I propose we do the same with short stories and expand the phenomena to all the world.
Make the big mobile operators offer it as apps.
For instance nokia ovi could offer it as well as the iphone and other

See an example Video from Mangaguy NY

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  • kerlonta
    24 de febrero 19:35

    your japanish reference .....: I think a HAIKU CONTEST could be cool!!

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