SOCIAL NETWORKS ANGELS. COLLABORATIVE RAISING CAPITAL Raising funds for new companies from Social networks, like a parallel stock market for raising capital to those ideas social networks judge more profitable (including second life virtual real users facebook, eacademy, myspace business angels) taking into account that this is beginning to happen with the music industries new talents.

Create a collaborative-democratization process VCs where the users themselves offer investing in smaller quantities but large number of users potential shareholders base, to help promote and surface valuable to the ideas that might not be identified as such by the established market experts and traditional funding sources. is registered domain and available for the Social Networks Companies, Institutions, entrepreneurs, Environment conscious Institutions and Associations, VCs that decide to implement/fund this idea we plan to implement further along our life after launch period in


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    04 de diciembre 16:49

    Excelente idea, voto positivo y la invito a que visite mi idea:

    Un saludo

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