Automatic Patient Monitoring System and prioritising system

Patients in the ICU who needs continuous care and where there is difficulty for continuous presence of a medical staff can be handled by automation in patient monitoring system. The monitoring system consists of just the applicable bio sensors which monitors the human body conditions.
The second  system is the communication system which communicates when there is any criticality in the patient's condition. Here the GSM can be brought in which can send the vital data eports of the patients to the doctor concerned via the mobile network so that appropriate medical attention can be provided to the patients in right time
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  • ramu
    25 de mayo 06:07

    Yes, It is very good have this kind of concepts. I would like to say one thing about every doctors should have a very good and High end GSM Mobile. We transmit even the mototion image of the patients to review by the doctor.

  • minnie
    23 de mayo 20:38

    only you can edit this idea but wouldnt you prefer the health category

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