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After visiting the Gran Bazaar of Istanbul last week, I found fascinating the fact that you can buy and mix your own personal perfumes.
Wouldn`t it be great to have that possibility on a mass market like Amazon for books where instead of wrapping books you could have wrapping of perfume bottles in different sizes and designs, where each bottle would contain several drops of different combination of fragrances at the customers request and taste.

The parfumsbazaar the online fragrance choice delight

Everybody can become as creative as they want with their personal perfume and with different design options for bottles



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  • Meghan4986
    02 de junio 02:00

    That would be a great idea! Great gift idea too!

  • iceminx
    28 de mayo 19:21


  • ana maria llopis
    25 de mayo 20:12

    There is a new Marketing trend that uses aromatherapy, and now they try to make this a brand enhancement unique property for companies, I understand it has been used in the USA, UK and now also in Spain: have brand exclusive aromas registered as part of the brand personalities. Why not then do the same as you suggest for each person whit its customized aroma.

    Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense: Build powerful brands through touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound, defends that 75% of all the emotions generated every day are originated in what we smell--not so much in what we see. Interestingly he comments more than 80% of all the commercial communication we're experience is designed to appeal to just our eyes, everything is visual, images rather than aromas are used to define the brands.

    According to Lindstrom “We were only able to identify a handful of brands which truly owned an aroma linked to their brand (outside the fragrance-related product categories…Play-Doh and Crayola Crayons were hardly aware of the power their aromas represented."
    A new Marketing tool to build brand differentiation and stronger association with customers is coming from applying aromas and fragrances to your brand definition and implementation at retail environment, packaging, leaflets, promotions, and even other elements of Marketing Mix. But it has to be perceived as Authentic, says Lindstrom.

    It is called scent marketing some Hotels like Starwoods hotels designed a fragrance for each type Hotel and created a fragrance "white tea", that has been so successful that Customers want to buy it and they have produced a line extension commercializing it. Bankinter Bank in Spain has just chosen a fragrance that is fresh, natural and stimulant they wanted a vanguards’ image to be associated all the time with the bank by their customers.

    There are precedents for Companies then it is possible to extend it to individual people

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