Work for all 20 hour week

Everyone should only work 20 hours a week. the remaining 40+ hours of a 'typical' work week could be done by at least two other people at 20 hours a week.

You should still be paid as if you worked 60+ hours a week as you'll have more time to spend the money.

You would have a lot more people with jobs and money to spend thus helping improve the economy at the same time.  

The more people spend, the more jobs will be created to cope with the demand.

People will live life less stressed and the quality of life would be like none we have known. people will again have time to be with family and friends, creating a more harmonious society, time for cooking fresh and wholsmoe food, not the crap that is ready made and laced with corporate poison and who knows what.
people would have the time to cycle or walk, therefore exercising and breathing cleaner air.
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