Plastic nuisance

Crushable plastic.

The big and small plastic bags have to be made of material which can be crushed/smashed into small balls.This will help for easy disposal, occupying less space and also would be enviornment friendly.
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  • dolphin
    17 de octubre 16:19

    we have shredders and agglomerators to do the work .actually the supply chain was perfect was spoilt by greedy traders ( plastic association members )who made the bags so thin that it became very uneconomical for the garbage collectors.

    actually even today the demand for recycled bags more than ever .reliance does not want recyclcing to happen much as their demand for pure material which they make will decrease.

    my question is if prices fluctuate widely inspite of having plastics material manufacturers in india we need them at all and spoil our environment.

    One thing to note is paper is 10 times more polluting than manufacturing plastics.

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