MYRECYSCORE.COM. My recycling records common environmental Universal site

  1. My recycling records common universal site. Everyone signs up voluntarily for an account to record all things recycled at home or at office as a person not as a company. The individual efforts will be added up by postal code and mapped via mashup we will have a world density of environmentally conscious citizens. Word of mouth viral marketing tell your neighbors to join even if not done daily, do it weekly is a new global daily responsibility like eating, shaving or washing up . Results will also be monetized. Second phase could be once established then to record as well your wastage and use of energy when not really needed because lower usage costs alternatives are available; it would consist of recording them in the same manner your wastage. Finally the third phase would be to subtract from your recycling account your energy and waste usage by items littered or environmental affected such as flying or car usage vs. public transportation. Then you would have your net contribution to environment and Global warming in an individual basis, by country and the addition for the whole world contributing to record their usages. is registered and available for the Companies, Institutions, entrepreneurs, Environment conscious Institutions and Associations, VCs that decide to implement/fund this idea



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3 comentarios

  • moria
    04 de junio 18:38

    Masterchef, you have a point: why spending time on this? But I believe people might do it for three reasons: 1. it is cool to help with anything that incentivizes recycling. 2. People are competitive: who recycles more in te neighbourhood? 3. The web could motivate with prizes for the most active recyclers...

  • intikab
    31 de mayo 12:35

    Good idea but it needs to have a very simply way of recording because people are not happy spending lots of time typing in what they recycle.

  • masterchef
    31 de mayo 03:17

    why would people spend all the time and energy entering our recyling and wastage into a web site? Not going to fly. Especially phase 2 where people enter their wastage. We are Americans we don't think we waste anything.

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