3D oject transfer just like fax

One instrument should be developed which can transfer 3D objects just like fax

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  • shishu
    03 de diciembre 08:45

    Esta idea realmente es grande. Me siento bien para ver como un innovador y real idea.creative, nuevo, único. seguir inventando cosas. Yo no sé por qué usted no está recibiendo una idea tan buena.
    ................................................ aquí viene mi voto

  • Ideot
    14 de marzo 11:27

    rather than sending think a machine that can build one, i can build my own car or materials for my use wouldnt it be great just like printer machine it can build any object with the specification i want

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 12:57

    I think this is sci-fi lol

  • magi
    09 de junio 21:33

    good idea...

  • magi
    09 de junio 21:32

    good idea...

  • moria
    04 de junio 18:43

    I have seen a documentary in national geographic where they transfer a 3D object from a computer file, to a machine that carves it in 3 real dimensions in styrofoam... It is used to make prototypes and the like... It is really cool!!

  • kerlonta
    26 de mayo 20:22

    echeva: :-) if you send a model instead the orginal object, then you are talking about the Star Trek Replicator instead the Star Trek Tele-transport.

    Anyway, ravikantc, waht kind of 3d object are u thinking about?

  • echeva
    24 de mayo 21:58

    Well, there's no way to transmit an object, what would be tele-trasnport, but on the other side a fax is a bad copy of a document.

    Currently there are 3d scanners (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3d_scanning) and also 3d printers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printing), so, it is posible, together with a computer, to make a program to 3d-scan an object, make a model, send the model remotely and on the remote site, make a 3D print. So this is a good idea, technology allow it, now it is just a question of how to make it simple and low cost. Maybe by software, maybe by building a dedicated device.

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