want to Create trendy nail varnish to do artistic nail painting statements. Use soluble food colorants that are edible and hence do not harm

I would like to have all kinds of possibilities to personalize the decoration of your nails to make an artistic statement with them and make it fashionable and cool.

it could become trendy and fashionable as it has recently happened with dark colours nail polish

I would like this to become trendy also in men it could be fun to see their hands with all nails decorated

It would be a do it yourself kit of colorants soluble on transparent nail varnish

The primary colorants that are accepted in the USA are
according to Wikipedia

Seven dyes were initially approved under the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, but several have been delisteddelisteddelisteddelisteddelisteddelisted and replacements have been found. [3]

In the USA, the following seven artificial colorings are permitted in food (the most common in bold) as of 2007:

The above are known as "Primary Colors", when they are mixed to produce other colors, those colors are then known as "Secondary Colors".

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