This is for the elderly and the unstable hands which have to grope around for the keyhole for the key. The magnet on the tip guides the user's hand to the right spot.
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  • dwaynehood
    23 de diciembre 13:14

    that's a really great idea..

    07 de diciembre 03:54


  • ideasexplorer
    16 de octubre 08:35

    nice idea

  • neelu
    22 de octubre 04:30

    just join this problem and we can share more ideas

  • neelu
    22 de octubre 04:29

    i just want to tell u that education can be improved by having atleast one period or i can say one hour session given to the students just to judge themselves what they r doing and what they have wiht their present performances and what is their decision for the next comming years to do. just let them decide and on their decision one can make better decision or i can say school or college can make their future decision and can also be helpfull in their parents judgement and outlook for their child.

  • braineater
    29 de septiembre 11:33

    Excellent idea... thank you

  • krish77
    02 de agosto 19:08

    GOOD IDEA, BUT I NEVER TRIED IT...some modification must be required, CAN BE WORTH FOR OLDER PEOPLE

  • kratos1911
    17 de abril 15:43

    nice idea! I dont know if there's anyone producing such locks.. but I'll definitely build one for my personal use. And I'll ask you for rescue if came across any problem. Hope you will help.

  • niting20
    15 de abril 09:34

    this is a technical idea then why u don' put it in science& technology category

  • anuj
    16 de febrero 10:22

    hey good idea... if u have any other idea..i would be interested in investing in them... u can reach me at 9987737304

  • sunny619
    02 de febrero 12:58

    Hey this is a Good Idea Yaar.... i like it.. From sunny

  • srk-teja 9848185465
    14 de diciembre 15:27

    Technical idea to those who have vibrations in body due to neurological disorders and handicapped for direction

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