This is a band-aid for those "touch me not!" wounds and boils which need to be protected from touch and impact. It is made of silicon rubber and has adhesives on its flaps which are flexible. The central area is bulging and hard with serrations in it to protect the wound while still ventilating it. 
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3 comentarios

  • Nitin Dalal
    18 de noviembre 11:47

    I don't think so this is a nice solution for everyone.
    is it antiseptic?

  • Ideot
    14 de marzo 09:21

    the question is how protective is it from germs as u see there is ventilation for air flow inside the hard aid it would be perfect condition for germination

  • saurabhbhide
    06 de diciembre 15:32

    Wish i had these as a kid !

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