3 ideas....... energy and automobiles


I am working on several ways to increase the fuel efficiency of automobiles drastically, just reply with your email and profile.
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  • Prakash Vaithyanathan
    15 de abril 06:51

    Brilliant Siddharth. The wave generator device isn't new for I have come across something similar in the US patent database but still I am convinced that you would have thought of it originally after going through your other ideas. Beautiful thinking. There is nothing wrong in re-inventing anything. As a teacher, I would say that it is essential to think in the right direction even if that would mean re-invention. good Luck to you.
    Regards, Prakash Vaithyanathan

  • astuledano
    15 de enero 17:06

    I like your webs friend, contact me if you want a new one!

  • sunny619
    15 de enero 15:54

    Cool.. Men!!! is these all Innovations by you ?

  • shahsiddharth2000
    14 de enero 13:47

    Yes they are all mine...

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 12:56

    are those your webs?

  • shahsiddharth2000
    03 de noviembre 18:24


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