How many times have you heard from sports fans, "No I am staying at home to watch the match on TV because I get a better view than at the stadium arena."

With this development you could probably fill more stadiums in the future for most games

I just read the idea for the Penguins Hockey and Carnegie Mellon University initiative to have good close ups and replays on the mobiles of the spectators, and I think an advanced version of this project could be Universal

From the Pittsburg Times

Priya Narasimhan's idea for the Pittsburgh Penguins' new arena was inspired by her students at Carnegie Mellon University, who typically get the cheap seats at hockey games.

"People in the nosebleed seats don't always have a wonderful view of the game," said Narasimhan, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer science at CMU. "So they thought, 'wouldn't it be great if we could allow them to get any view in the arena?'"

She is developing software for spectators at Penguins games to download a widget to their cell phones that would provide camera views from any vantage point inside the new arena. They could watch replays of goals, fights or anything else that happens on the ice.

The Penguins received ideas from local innovators including Narasimhan and about 71 others, with the help of the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

CMU’s Priya Narasimhan, left, and Michael Chuang display the “yinz cam” — a system that could be installed at the new Penguins’ arena to let fans watch video replays and order food or tickets using their cell phones.

  photo Don Wright
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