Convergence between PC`s + Internet + Flat screen Tv's : Televisions with Wifi modem and wireless keyboard

I see a future in which thanks to the improvements in broadband technology, it will be possible watch TV, and browse internet in your flat screen TV using your regular internet connection.

We are getting there little by little now thanks to the new video streaming technologies.

Your flat screen TV would have wifi connection to your internet modem, therefore you could watch TV as usual but in High Definition , or browse internet with a wireless keyboard connected to the TV.

The world of television broadcast would completely change so you could choose what to see at every moment. Any movie, news, soap opera, sports, etc.. available 24h a day, with Live contents as usual or any recorded program you might haven`t seen.

Your TV besides your PC would be another window to the world.
Despite the broadband technology improvements that this idea requires, the addition of wifi connection to internet on flat tv’s + a keyboard is already possible. I encourage the TV producers to create them. They just have to include an Intel Centrino chip, a hard drive and a special internet browser adapted to the TV.

I would get one of these!!!


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  • el último xel’naga
    04 de noviembre 01:27

    Saludos GDS. Por favor, necesito que visites esta idea: -vo#comment_link_bottom
    Creo que tú tendrás mucho que decir.

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