A door mat that recognises strangers

There should be a door mat that can recognise a stranger and alert the residents of the house.
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  • sriman58
    03 de febrero 01:26

    A very good idea.May B a small beeper may alert the incumbent on stepping on it.May b connected to a speaker system too.There are many types infrared devices.

  • abishek
    21 de enero 13:57

    A door bell is suitable, i guess....It may recogonise finger prints and give a 'siren' in case of strangers.

  • rajanandhini
    15 de julio 06:52

    set touch sensitive screen in the part of door

  • kushyash7
    09 de noviembre 19:14

    Its a good idea but Can you say that is practical because there
    are already cameras that can be fitted outside the doors that can recognize strangers.The technology is already under implementation .

  • Sourik
    17 de septiembre 02:00

    well,this mat should have a feature which recognizes shoe patterns and sizes of those parties known to the owner and accept it into its database.every time an individual comes along who is known to the owner of the house,the owner can switch it to acceptance mode from alert mode,so that another addition is made into the database.the alarm sounds when a match when the mat is on alert and a match isn't found .

  • badfaith
    13 de marzo 13:33

    Could work by matching the weight of the person standing on it to a list of people you know, weight distribution over the feet which could extrapolate the gait and stance of the visitor, and compare to "known peoples"

  • burgerlady
    13 de noviembre 14:02

    I really like this idea. It sounds great. Until they come up with one, though, how about an outdoor intercom so you could push a button and listen to whoever is out there. You would be able to talk with the person to determine who it is without opening the door. Or, alternatively, an outside camera, if you need to know who is there before deciding if they should know you are at home.

  • 0526
    03 de noviembre 11:17

    Similar technologies are available for face and finger detection and are costly. Converting these same idea to door mat seems to have have lot of limitations. You have to keep record of each of your friend and family members (even pets) in your computer/security system. You need to ask person to get out of shoes first (just like you do for entering any holy places), if you keep shoes on then each shoe set need to have built in Radio Frequency to be detected by door mat. This way each individual need to have shoe tagged first for its identity. So I think, its better to have finger or face detection system. But still no body wants such system installed until you have huge palace or office to keep track of each visitor.

  • whizcreed
    07 de septiembre 07:57

    interesting but I guess better options are already available like a simple camera that streams the video on a monitor inside the house..

  • johnstrauss
    11 de junio 01:04

    A security camera and monitor would be much much more effective and accurate, not to mention probably cheaper than whatever technology would be needed to put into a doormat to do that. Facial recognition software can then detect friend from stranger. Green light for friend, Yellow for stranger, Red for face not recognizable (possible mask or hiding)

  • Faris
    10 de junio 04:18

    rle strange but good idea..we could use the idea of the fingerprint, but we this time use footprint instead

  • Alpharomeo
    31 de mayo 08:05

    There was an idea posted in "RFID items we forget and search" may be we can use the same idea of sticking a wafer thin RFID to the footwares of family members. This will act as an id for known people. Others are strangers :)

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