Lets take a step to save energy and save life at both time.

Today or tomorw will be the day when you will be hearing a hike in petrol/diesel prices and this will be the biggest hike ever declared. Now lets all check and googlle our pockets and our monthly expenditure. Are we prepared to accept this hike?? Are we ready to accept this when inflation is touching 8???Are we prepared to accept this when there exists recession in world's economy???Are we ready to accept when we are even not aware what mysterious could happen tomorrw???Are we ready to accept when life is becoming full of struggles just because of money?

NO. I think all would answer it as a big NO. So friends why not we can make a big step here in order to prevent energy resources, our money, and most important our lives. Can't we switch to our old means of transport which was a bycycle. Our great parents and their ancestors were feeling very comfortable with it then why can't we? When we are struggling for each and evrythng, aren't we like those old age people when we had very little to show....?
Please give a look to you upcoming future which you all will be grafting for your children.
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