Short in-flight library. easyreading 4 easyjet and easy reading 4all airlines

For short or long flights we all bring books carrying them and they weight and are bulky to carry.
Wouldn't it be a good service for passengers if on top of magazines and press the airlines would carry some bestsellers to lend and you could at least start reading or continue reading, also some supply of easy reading short stories for in flight entertainment.
Some hotels offer this and is so convenient you borrow the books and then leave them for some one else to share-
So the idea is t have a public mini library in the flights to lend books during flight time to passengers.
library could include travel guides for the destination cities so you could spend some time reading and learning also about your destination country or city.


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  • kerlonta
    21 de julio 16:44

    hi Minnie.

    this idea is, in fact, a topic in another one i posted a time ago (... or related to it):


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