Energy Crisis

We should petition Congress to get off of their behinds and do something about our energy crisis. Specifically our dependance on foreign oil. We have more than enough oil right here in our own country to last for longer than we'll need it. We would be apying 15 cents per gallon of gas just like they do over in Iraq! We're rebuilding their country while ours is suffering. Doesn't anyone see something wrong here!!?? At the least we should be getting free oil from them. Anyway while we're using our own massive oil reserves we could be working on cleaner and more efficient and affordable energy alternatives. Such as ethanol, hydrogen power which will always be in abundance. More solar energy as well as hydro and wind power. There is absolutely no need for us to be dependant on foreign oil whatsoever. We all need to phone, e-mail, and write our elected congressmen on a daily basis.


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