Road traffic control emitters for cars

 Instead of using radar technology to coerce drivers to comply with speed regulations under threat, a better use would be to provide both the car and the driver with information that can increase driving security. Instead of increasing law enforcement revenues from tickets, we would reduce the much higher social costs of accidents.

Already some cars are incorporating ultrasonic technology to help with parking allowing for automatic control to avoid obstacles.

Mi idea calls for the establishment of simple versions of Air Traffic Control systems that inform nearby cars of road condition, speed limits and incoming traffic or objects under low visibility conditions as in curves, fog, night, etc.

Cars will be equipped with receptors that will transmit this information to the driver in the form of two or three different types of alarms, indicating excessive speed for the current road conditions, collision danger from dangerous manoeuvres, etc.

The effect over driving safety would be immense, as not only the driver, but also the passengers will be informed when the driver is not driving within safe parameters. And problems like falling sleep at the wheel would essentially disappear.
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3 comentarios

  • kgs
    03 de abril 10:06

    Good idea, cost effective technology will definitely help the car owners. Vote+

  • fodoron
    30 de noviembre 12:45

    Genial. Solo hace falta entonces ponerse de acuerdo en un estandar y obligar a los fabricantes a instalar los receptores, igual que se les obliga a poner cinturones de seguridad. Las buenas ideas cuya tecnología ya existe deberían ponerse en práctica.

  • ana maria llopis
    30 de noviembre 02:59

    Esto existe en alguna versión y existen hasta patentes
    por ejemplo
    Remote guidance- and information system for drivers and pedestrians in road traffic areas.
    en la url

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