The Ice Cycle Helmet

One of the most common reasons of not wearing a helmet on a bike is that during the summer it makes it hotter and more uncomfortably sweatier to ride with that on.

The solution is a helmet that can hold ice and retain the temperature.The helmet would need to be able to keep its cool and not allow the ice to melt for long hours, especially those that ride for at least 15 miles, or past 3 communities. The ice would also need to be held in the helmet that it does not hit the person in the head, and make them loose control. 

I just do not want to see more people every time I go to any far off trails, laying lifeless because of the later unsuspecting 90 degree heat, where its too far, and almost undrivable for the ambulance to reach the victim. 
Such an Ice Cycle helmet could prevent such heat stroke from happening. People also would want to wear their helmets more if it kept them cool. With that, long distance bike riding on the hottest of days would not be interrupted by the sun. 

The same concept used for bicycle helmets should also be considered for motorcycle helmets, race car helmets, sports caps, and hats. Consider the name The Ice Cap.


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