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Improving our health

There are 3 main factors to achieve good health: 
1. Diet.
2. Exercise.
3. Commitment to keep it going.
  If we couple a nutitrious diet rich in proper ratios of carb:protein:fat:vitamins and minerals:water, exercise 3-4 times per week by concentrating more on high intensity cardio and some weight training, as well as have the courage and determination to make small lifestyle changes and stick with them consistently, VOILA! we have the secret to GOOD HEALTH.

 Cardio is very important to raise the heart beat and improve the performance of the circulatory/cardiovascular system. It can be as simple as walking/jogging for about half hour everyday, or high intensity like cycling,skipping,running on a treadmill etc. But, remember to keep the workouts short and intense. Light intensity and long durations will not help.

Weight training not only helps to build muscle, it also strengthens our bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life(especially important in women). 
                                          Many women under the misapprehension that they will develop huge muscles if they train with weights. This is not true, as women do not have that much testosterone as men. Women bodybuilders use harmful steroids and supplements to get the buffed look. Rather, it helps you to cut the flab and get a more toned figure. So dont worry, you will only get tremendous benefit from weight training.

Finally, following a good fitness regimen is no good if you cannot stick with it. Discipline is mandatory. There is no point eating well and exercising for a few days, then calling it off due to lack of time or boredom or whatever reason. Good results will definitely show atleast after a week, so don't get disheartened initially and give up. This is a very important step in the quest for a better body and mind.I say mind because exercise is also a great stress buster, improves sleep and boosts energy levels as your metabolism becomes more efficient. Consistency is the key.

      Hope these ideas have inspired some confidence in you to start a fitness regimen and start your journey towards a better body and mind today!

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  • Sandy

    sounds alright but at the same time there are many people who are not physically able to do this type of exercise, there needs to be steps to get to the target.

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  • rockstar1630

    Very good and useful information

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