Dude wheres my car ???

Cars get stolen every 4.2 seconds of every day and growing but perps are usualy never caught ouf little phones have a sattalight tracking built in and for a extra 10 dollars or you can accavate it well how about a security company that for as little as 2 dollars a month plus parts can install this device and people all walks of life can afford most people cant afford full coverage insurance and if their car gets stolen defanitly could not afford a nother car this security company could find your car or you your self could check online threw companys web sight for a few extra dollars and this is not just limmited to stolen cars but checking where your kids ar at or where your car has been .the cost alone would atract every one who has acar and theres alot to join this program

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  • yanquijunior
    18 de noviembre 20:36

    good idea nearly cost you make sure the worse thing I vote positive a greeting to you, visits my idea and if it desires unloading to you some programs that helped me to realise it.

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