sponsorship for college events.

 Good institutes Like Harwards, MIT, IIMs has an edge over many companies when it comes in sponsoring their college events, But there are 100,000 odd colleges(In India) with average student's strength over 1000s hardly finds any sponsorship for their college events, and the college PR(public Relations) team put up lots of dollars and time just to find one. so what if there is a common place where both the colleges and the companies (looking for sponsoring the events) come together.  where in companies can give the details of sponsorship Amounts(fees) and requisite conditions and colleges can put up the type of the events, target audience, No. of participants, media coverages etc. this can be in the form of a simple website which can be later expended in the form of tangible work like negotiating on behave of both colleges and companies and revenue will come from the percentage commission from sponsorship fee from colleges and free for the sponsoring organisation.


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