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Goal locator

Most of the people are living in a rat race. Work more get more money, spend more and always be unhappy. Human beings are servo controlled, they are goal seaking machines.

This site (goal locator) will make the individual aware of having goals and working towards them. Otherwise one is stuck in the endless loop and one never knows when he has got what he always wanted.

This site will bring down to earth evry mans dream. Once theperson has made his goal list, he has decided on the time, money and resources required. Simple calculations based on financial planning and time management will show him a clear path of how to achieve his goal.

He can then view a  report on how far he is from his goals and is required to work towards it. The closer he gets to his goals, he starts getting best deals from the internet (no spam :P ) in order to simplify his decision making.

The individial can also network with people whose goals are alligned with his and discuss making life simpler. There would be a section for consultants on every kind of goal people want to achive. From dietitians, to financial planner, to travel agencies ...
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