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Years of carrying my laptop computer from one city to the next, and from home to the office resulted in very painful shoulder injury. So I decided that I was never going to "hang" my laptop from my shoulder again. Instead, I would drag it. So I needed a trolley-like bag, something a bit bigger than a purse, so I could fit my computer, but smaller than a suitcase. And I wanted something stylish, cool, pretty. I have spent two years looking for that accesory, and I have not been able to find it. Evrything in the market is either too big, or too ugly. I cannot believe I am the only one with this need!!! So designers out there: I would love to buy a computer bag, with wheels, that is useful and pretty!!

A friend told me that the trolley should have four wheels for easy manouvering. I think that is a great idea.

Hopefully Samsonite, Mandarina Duck, Salvador Bachiller etc will come up with something!

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ana amelia

ana amelia


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4 comentarios

  • kerlonta
    17 de julio 13:21

    en la empresa en la que estopy ahora hay muhca gente que lleva el maletín del notebook en un trolley plegable.. creo que el producto 'a medida' ya existe.

  • kaisgoo
    17 de julio 11:18

    Si le colocas ruedas a un ordenador portatil (sea la bolsa del estilo que sea) el ordenador absorverá todos los golpes de las irregularidades del suelo y acabará estropeándose. Un ordenador portatil tiene una electronica muy delicada y muchos golpecitos seguidos acaban siempre por estropear las partes mecanicas. Un saludo.

  • bcnorange
    22 de septiembre 18:04

    Ana, there are many lap top trolley bags out there.
    You need to look around.

  • eloiss
    08 de mayo 11:24

    It could be a good idea, but, for that reason (tryps), computer enterprises have developed new pc's, with only 7" and less than 1 kg. I am completely sure that this is,nowadays, the best way to travel.

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