Concept is that, each country in the world can number there citizens with a unique method, which is there NATIONAL IDENTITY (A UNIQUE NATIONAL SECURITY NUMBER).

This ID can be used for BANK, PAN, PF, MOBILE, LANDLINE PHONE and much more. On this glob India/China are the highest populated countries and US has the highest number of states/zones.

With this concept, we can list thousand, thousand hundred persons. At present we have 10 digit mobile numbers, PAN and PF are classified with letters/numbers.

We can classify state/zones by numbers and can bring every thing under number identity.

First two digits for sector classification it goes up to 99 sectors where you need to be registered (i.e. BANK, PAN, PF, MOBILE, LANDLINE PHONE, DRIVING LICENCE, PASSPORT etc.). At present no central authority of any country in the world holds more then 25 revenue/registration/identity sectors (for convenience, it is essential to bring state/provincial revenue/registration/identity sectors under center listing).

Next two allotted to Privet Banking sector with remaining eight digits they can classify there customers.

With last ten digits mobile service providers can register there customers very easily.
Same way Landline service providers can use last six digits for the customer.
STD, ISD is not required to change.

For vigilance, it will be very easy to track any person for any reason.

This 12 digit number is your ID and voter card carrying all possible details, you do not need to carry any other proof to prove your self.
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