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A Little Something

For those people who live in climates where the winter can be long and cold and you need to wear gloves, scarfs and ski masks (winter extras) to brave the cold, I have designed "A Little Something" bag to hold winter extras. The bag is made of special material that folds in the pocket of coats when not in use. The bag is large enough to carry the winter extras and fits on a hook. This gives a person one place to keep all the winter extras so they are never separated or lost.
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5 comentarios

  • astuledano

    well i am one of those persons!

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  • Nikkki691984

    Great Idea!! I have had really bad Rheumatoid Arthritis for 22 years and those long cold winters really kill me so I always have to be bundled up when I go out into the cold and something like that would make it so much easier so I wouldnt have to dig up my winter accessories!!

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  • cassdw

    I'm glad I've moved to Florida and no longer need something like this...but definitely would have been handy when I was in the North.

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  • marshao

    This would be a very useful bag to have.

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  • noodles

    What kind of material will be used to make this bag?

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