This idea pretends to give some answers to one of the problems posted initially by myself due to the real annoying waste of time in airplane with the process

It takes too long and sometimes many times to count the number of passengers in airplanes
I propose to design an electronic device to count them by the sitting arrangements, hence a sensor would trigger a person is seated and the counter adds one passenger each time the sensor detects a passenger

It could be via Special engineering electrical optical or weight sensor device to count passengers in commercial air carriers. If a counter is not possible then a light that turns off ans hence you only have to add the empty seats for instance if this is a quicker process

All ideas and co-creation on this sibject are welcome


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  • brosban
    05 de mayo 13:47

    To lower costs it might be enought to place a counter at the plane door as all passangers access the plane through 1 or 2 doors. With the annoying security check and endless controls at airports it is almost impossible that one without an assigned seat manages to get into the plane's door.

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