Reduced fat pecans and pecan flour

According to this article there is a way to make reduced fat pecans, which I think is a great idea and I am not sure why it has not been utilized especially since it also enhances shelf life.  A nutritious flour could also be made from the partially defatted pecans which would be useful for low glycemic and gluten free applications.  It also seems that if this process could be used on pecans, it could probably work with walnuts as well and partially defatted walnuts would be wonderful as well and as mentioned in the article the oil taken out could be a valuable product as well.  I also wonder why partly defatted nut flours of all types are not often sold in stores and not often used in food products.  The protein and fiber left behind from producing peanut, sesame, almond, and macnut oils would make an excellent flour for nutritionally conscious diets. 
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