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Create a possibility to backup all msn, icq etc conversations to a secure server. This gives the possibility to go back to all those everyday conversations that, at least for me, would work as a kind of diary. Would also be a good track back tool in a professional environment to go back and read what's been said / written.
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  • whizcreed
    07 de septiembre 09:19

    gtalk anyhow saves all your chat conversations and voice mails online. the problem i see with a software that can store my conversations online is with privacy and reliability.. you can have an s3 account and use the sync tools to link your conversation folders to be updated across computers.. i guess msn also gives such a service to sync your data..

  • nabucodonoxor
    26 de abril 02:49


  • JimBob
    30 de mayo 19:35

    There was an add-on for msn messenger a few years back which could create secure back-up logs of all your conversions, ideal if you wanted to go back to read them, I'm not sure if it still exists though.

  • kboy
    30 de mayo 17:51

    yes it does, but you often use msn on several computers splitting the history. This would save all conversations no matter what machine you used

  • najm96
    28 de mayo 21:07

    doesnt msn have the option to save logs of your conversations? you can also download msn plus which lets you keep a record of your convos.

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