Baking Dispensers

My idea is to have dispensers that go on your wall near where you bake whether it be the counter or a  kart. They have tubes on the bottom that have measured incriments such as 1/4 to 1 cup. you pull a tab to let the item fall to the desired  measurement and then push it back. after you are done measuring then you open the bottom of the tube and let the ingrediants fall on your mixing bowl. You can have one for flour and suger and there can be a special one for brownsugar that lets you pack it as you are measuring. That way there is no more mess when baking  less claen up and somewhere to keep your baking ingrediants.
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  • AhHaaMoments
    28 de mayo 22:25

    Very nice idea - this coming from a guy who spends more than average time in the kitchen. Much like the shampo/conditioner/body wash dispensers.

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