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Bank ATMs may help us withdraw cash. But i think they should also have the technical support of accepting cash and depositing it in the respective account of the person making the deposition.
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  • gayu
    29 de abril 16:04

    yes it will be good idea i say they should work on it

  • gunjeetahluwalia
    26 de noviembre 05:12

    I would surely find out sir! Thank you for your concern.

  • gabino
    25 de noviembre 06:38

    yes that facility is available with most of the ATM machines, in mexico will use this system of deposits through the ATM but will remove the service because of problems with users, you can consult with Mexican banks of the reasons not to continue with the service.

  • jaswant.jasonx
    24 de noviembre 09:55

    that was the only idea of yours that was good

  • vinaybhatnagar
    18 de noviembre 11:42

    I understand sir :) you too have a great day,... cheers

  • gunjeetahluwalia
    18 de noviembre 10:40

    Sir, I did not disagree with the fact that ATMs provide the facility. My disagreement was based on the fact that most of the banks do not provide the facility and i would take this opportunity to mention that those banks should learn from HDFC. :)
    Good Day

  • vinaybhatnagar
    18 de noviembre 10:26

    I have used HDFC using which i can deposit the cash in an envelop.. which reflect in my account in 2-3 working days.

  • gunjeetahluwalia
    18 de noviembre 10:15

    It is not.

  • vinaybhatnagar
    18 de noviembre 09:53

    i think that facility is available with most of the ATM machines?

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