Add wireless tagging to the ticket stubs

Use basic RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags in the ticket stubs that all passengers carry onboard.
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  • japanchris
    01 de junio 21:28

    I once lost my ticket stub from the gate walking to the aircraft.

  • nabucodonoxor
    26 de abril 02:59


  • astuledano
    14 de enero 15:43

    i think its good

  • Ryoma
    06 de junio 17:47

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. RFID costs have come down substantially and continues to become more cost effective.
    2. Low level RFID tags are already on board planes - on product bought in shops which have RFID security tags attached, e.g. bags, cd's, DVD's, etc.

    The reader could be in the doorway of the plane so it would only need to be activated when the plane has landed so interference with core systems should not be an issue. Not an expert on planes so it was just a suggestion. :)

  • Jubro
    28 de mayo 18:47

    Why? Isn't there more potential for inteference with other 'radio' equipment which is more vital for the operation of the plane. (Mind you maybe this should be done with our luggage so it doesn't get lost.)

  • catlover
    28 de mayo 18:08

    Price would be prohibitive

  • paperdoll1703
    28 de mayo 17:56

    not a bad idea!

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