Basic vechicle repair on licence testing

I think that everyone that goes through drivers ED should be taught how to do basic maintience on a vechicle, and in order to get a drviers licence you must answer additional questions on how to make common repairs. It would cut down on the price of mechanics.
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  • AhHaaMoments
    28 de mayo 22:45

    I agree everyone should know the what's and how's regarding auto repairs. Thus not allowing shops to SELL reparis that are not needed or replacing parts that are not broken (asuming the owner has no idea).
    But, sorry to say it would have the exact opposit effect in the cost of repairs (the game of supply/demand) Less cars to repair = more vacant shop bays thus = an increase in hourly rates to allow shops to earn something from the people who use them.
    To stop high prices the Govt. must intervene and force the shops to have a Max chargeable rate for repairs.
    Place a celing to the allowable rates charged.

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