An electrified windscreen to deter traffic wardens

The windscreen would be sensitive to having the parking sticker ticket applied and would then switch a circuit on to give the person applying the sticker a shock, probably equivalent to the power of a TASER.
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  • Mindwaves
    13 de abril 19:02

    Traffic wardens are there for a purpose - just like traffic light signals, next you will suggest we should cover up traffic lights when in a rush? your idea is not funny causing injury to someone is never a joke.

  • AhHaaMoments
    28 de mayo 22:17

    Your joking right?? Parking tickets are justified for Not paying attention to the alloted tiems for a parking space. They are resonable in cost (per infraction) but imagine the cost of a law suit for the bruises the meterwarden receives on the bum upon hitting the pavement post shock. Not to mention city ordinance offices will come up with an additional fine (shock free - mailable to registered owners address) for "hindering the work of an officer," or "intent to cause harm to a municipal worker," etc.

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