The mind as only a fixed amount of psychic energy, or libido. 
This energy fuels the thought processes, perception, imagination, memory, and sexual urges. 
The mind, like the universe, can neither create nor destroy energy, but merely transfer it from one form or function to another. Because scope of the mind's capabilities is thus limited by the amount of psychic energy freely available (libido), any process or function of the mind which consumes an excess of energy debilitates the ability of the mind to function normally. 
Repression demands significant amounts of energy to maintain; even then, a repressed thought might come perilously close to becoming conscious, only to be redirected or defended against by a defense mechanism. As well, a fixation on a past psychosexual stage of development can permanently sap this libidal energy, causing, in the extreme cases, neuroses or worse
Sigmund Freud
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