A website for dads

A reliable website for new dads with good information for those dads who wants to look after their children, a practical site with photos, tailored to dads with a good forum for dads to talk to each other. Everything is for mums or the ones for dads are not good enough.
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  • astuledano
    14 de enero 13:42

    a agree, i want to

  • ukmark
    18 de septiembre 08:55

    great idea.. look at the facebook model for social interaction and base your site on that.A social network for dads... go for it. just type in facebook script into google and someone will have the coding to allow you to have a website that operates much like Facebook try this link may help get you started. http://www.scriptmimic.com/scripts/scripts-like-facebook-57.html Good luck and always here to help

  • angiewith2
    02 de junio 02:28

    I agree. My husband would enjoy something like that too. I myself am a member of several mom sites.

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