Passive Reading for Dyslexia

I saw one of those magic eye pictures the other day, where you have to stare past the jumbled colours to see the image.

I wondered if a similar technique could be developed for dyslexics?

Although their problem (from what I understand of it) is to do with ordering the complex repetitive structures of written language and make sense of it, I haven't heard of cases where they cannot identify shapes and colours also.

I thought of imbedding coloured shapes which have a system of some kind into a body of text, which would employ different areas of the brain to impart structure, and over time associate these structures with the text forms they contain... and thus re-train the brain to recognise text by an alternative method.

I have heard of new technologies which allow blind people to see images through sensations created on the tongue, and thus re-routing the sensory information, and organising it in the mind differently for the same result, so could my idea work in a similar way?

The reader would have to "stare past" the text to the colour and shape forms they can recognise, like the magic eye painting, and so use this to impart the structure and therefore the meanings of the text form.
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  • gajraj143

    Yes it might be possible if this project is taken up by researcher. Good idea in fact & thanks for posting.

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