eco sprinkler system

How many times have you driven past a home or business to see the sprinkler system turned on while it's raining? Most sprinkler systems turn on automatically, whether the lawn/garden needs water or not. This system would have a sensor to determine moisture levels in the soil to turn on/off only as water is needed. It could be further developed to be able to program via computer to water specific spots in a gardern vs. other parts of the garden based on the moisture levels needed for the plants in that part of the garden.
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  • cassdw
    01 de junio 22:22

    This already exists. I have a rain sensor on my house. If it's raining and it's time to water, it's not supposed to come on. Although, it does appear to depend on how much it's actually raining. Needs someone to perfect it. The soil moisture content might be a better idea, however, the time that it takes to reach a certain level of moisture may cause the overwatering to continue. Perfecting the measuring technique would be the initial problem, in my opinion.

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