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I too have adhd as do my children. What has helped me is a calender that I can carry and write to do list appointments etc. The children have done wonders with agendas some schools offer them to keep track of their homework. When making to do list be happy when you do something on the list. I have found sometimes I have list that are overwelming. this is discouraging. Be simple. sometimes the biggest challenge is to get out of bed in the morning. Start small and reward yourself when you make progress. Do the same for your son.
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  • astuledano
    14 de enero 15:45

    i agree with Tab

  • Tab
    01 de junio 19:21

    I don't have adhd but just getting organized is very tough. I too have gone to making list and agendas. I have a little red book by Franklin Covey that helps keep me on track.

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