Pencils and pens for Developing countries of the world. An Art Crusade. Collect your spare pencils, color pencils, crayons, working extra ballpoint pens and Sharpeners which are spread all over your houses and offices, if you have none, then buy at least 10 new ones and send them to logistic company associated with NGO’s, to then be distributed in Schools, Community art activities Center and Universities.

Collect them on a regular basis, to be delivered to third world schools on a continuous manner from major World cities to developing countries or where their scarcity for art developing has been identified in some areas of some countries such as Cuba, China, India.

Make a counter of contributing cities and number of pencils/colors/pens sent as well as receiving centers. Post rankings as a global competitive challenge. If you develop the idea please provide and address and post on this site Directed to: NGO’s, ART FOUNDATIONS, COMMUNITIES, EVERYONE THAT HAS SPARE PENS/PENCILS/CRAYONS, Logistic companies


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