Alternative Fuel

Make the vehicles run on other things. It can be done, the gov't just needs to approve it and stop taking all the handouts from the oil companies
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  • ethanuel
    27 de octubre 21:14

    Good idea, and one that many companies are working on. The government may be part of the problem, but they are far from being all of the problem.

    A lot of it rests in infrastructure. It would be very expensive for companies to all of a sudden construct and build a new network of fueling stations etc. across the entire country...

    Still...Good idea and thanks for submitting.

  • Nikkki691984
    01 de junio 23:04

    I totally agree with this idea because the rising gas prices are redicules! Its very hard for a person like me thats on disabilty to be able to pay these outrageous gas prices to get to and from my doctors appointments! Because I cant work due to a cripppling disability and I just barely make $500.00 a month on disability. Hell I can barely pay my rent and bills let alone pay these outrageous gas prices!!! So yea excellant idea!!

  • dschwabe
    31 de mayo 06:20

    they need to come up with a way to run a car on methane gas. Then oil company's couldn't make as much profit & we would not have to pay so much for gas. How would you bottle a fart though?

  • frdg
    31 de mayo 06:15

    The government is the problem. The higher the price of gas is, the more financially feasible alternatives will be. As long as the government stays out and allows the free markets and inovative ideas to work, things will sort themselves out.

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