Govt or other program(s) paid higher education for all who qualify!

I believe the government should openly encourage higher education.  They should freely pay all expenses (up to a pre-determined amount) for any Qualifying Student.    

Programs should include reasonable cost of living, transportation, and food (non-junk foods) allowance, Not just partial tuition amount(s) or strapping a student with 15 years of loans to pay back.

On the local level: govt should ensure available jobs (reducing the student's allowance accordingly) and more importantly ensure students Housing for the huge influx of new students offers such as this would create.
- Housing is a major issue in upscale areas like where I am currently.  What Full time student(s) do you know that can afford to focus on classes and maintain a great GPA in an area where the average rent for a 1 bd rm apt is over $800 a month!??

In exchange for this type of offer (serious students only) there should/would be strict monitoring of each persons GPA (i.e. a student that allows their GPA to drop below a - say 3.4 for more than one semester would be kicked off the program - Period).

What's the payback to the Govt. you ask....
1) Better educated citizens
2) Higher tax paying (for life) citizens - or tax paying at all considering some who get everything back due to poverty level incomes
3) Happier better knowledgeable citizens creates lower crime rates and far less contention among neighbors!

RE: #2) Say I earn $15,700 a year (never better, no raises in dead end job) and I always get every penny of my taxes back.  The effect is simply the nation will never prosper from my activities.

But now Think about it......
I attend college Financially Stress Free (focusing only on the task at hand = Graduate quickly) and get to pursue my dream career and thus start earning (with raises available) $75,500 a year and my taxes are over 20% of this income - Now the Govt gets to keep $14 - 17,000 of my earnings (more alter considering career advancement - raises) every year from me until my Final Dirt Nap.

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