Microwave Cooking

All of the microwave food has a barcode. 
My idea is to use the barcode to correctly program the microwave to cook the food.
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  • nabucodonoxor
    26 de abril 21:18


  • draknan
    20 de agosto 01:24

    The problem can be solved by a database in the microwave. There will be stored the correct program for each barcode.

  • kerlonta
    05 de junio 14:46

    maybe not using the current identification bar code but another kind of equivalent codification also printed in the box or bag.

  • thecrowfliesblack
    30 de mayo 20:50

    because microwave cooking is obviously far to complicated at the moment.....
    more people should learn to ACTUALLY cook with raw and fresh ingredients. This is just another factor that may add to obesity problems.

  • anoop
    29 de mayo 15:31

    Please Note that Bar Codes used are prsently for Inventory control and Billing they do not store any kind of information which Microwave can use to program itself. But sure If you can create a Bar Code which has required information in a standard format it you will be Rich

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