Technology Recycling

More of an effort needs to be given to recycling used electronic devices. So many of these are dumped into our landfills. I would like to see more places that will accept donations of use and/or broken equipment. Technical people could look at the equipment, see if it's still usable and give it to a group or people that could use. Unusuble equipment could then be disposed of safely.
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  • upmarchdotcom
    03 de junio 10:16

    Repair and re use is actually much less energy consuming than creating a new one. for example computers.. there are millions of children in third world countries that do not have access to computers to learn it. then after the life time plastics may be re used or grind-ed to add to bricks and road asphalt as filler. and lead in batteries etc.. heavy metals is a problem... but reuse help to delay this issue. geographical/country issues too has to be sorted out.

  • nabucodonoxor
    26 de abril 21:05


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