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Our earth has been handed over to us by our forefathers as a rich and valuable paradise to dwell in. In the last century, however, we have abused the gift beyond repairs. There is no tree cover any more, most of it cleared and rendered as a concrete jungle. The aforestation programs that are running, do not seem to do justice too. Living beings require food, be they birds, animals or man. There has not been a mix of trees that are fruit yielding, ground water replenishing and herbal trees to get immediate assistance, in case of emergencies. The result is, dwindling of herbivorous animals and birds who are food to the carnivores. The habitat change has seen attacks of the wild animals on human settlements. The world over, a hue and cry is raised and the animal in question is shot dead or captured for a zoo. The basic need for the animals not taken into consideration at all, for the veseted interests of man.

This has seen a lot of species getting extinct and many more to follow. Not only on land but even the oceans are not spared of the abuse. The wastes that are being dumped onto the seas are taking its toll on various sea creatures. Many-a-times, we do read about the contaminations being found in the bodies of sea animals. 

There is still time. Many things can be reversed. Dedication and a commitment towards saving the earth from certain premature death is the need of the hour.

Let us all resolve to save the plants and animals, for in their existance lies our own existence.

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